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Spray Kleaner version 2.0 :


Agar gum

Extracted from red algae, agar agar is a natural 100% polysaccharide known for its gelling power.

Neem oil

Purifying and powerful, Neem oil mixes enormously with toxins. It allows to collect them in the saliva.

Orange flavor

We have changed the lemon taste by the orange taste, for a product more pleasant in mouth and easier to use.

Red dye

Natural red dye which allows to have a beautiful spray and less sensitive to UV for a better conservation.

Denatured alcohol

It breaks the molecules of toxins. It is made of ethanol at 80 % to which a denaturant is added so that it is not swallowed.

And that's all there is to it!

No unnecessary chemicals in our sprays. They are designed to be effective and natural.

How to use :

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