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kleaner thc

Kleaner is a new toxin cleaner which eliminates all traces of substances in the saliva and skin.

This cleanser is effective for one hour on saliva and 3 to 5 hours on the skin.

Tests for narcotic substances in saliva can be positive even days or weeks after consuming cannabis or similar substances. This can sometimes lead to injustice in drug testing, since even if you haven't taken any substances recently, you can test positive even after a good night's sleep, even though your driving is no longer affected.

Kleaner will be effective 30 minutes after application. Also, this product contains no chemical additives, preservatives or fragrances, and is safe if accidentally ingested orally.

Ingredients: Water, denatured alcohol, Neem extract, Xanthan gum

Kleaner (30 ml dropper) allows approximately 25 uses

Use of Kleaner in drops

Use of Kleaner Spray

Using Kleaner towels

Use of Kleaner Monodosse 6ml