Kleaner Anti-Toxin 110 pieces


Smoking Club Marbella's Kleaner Anti-Toxin Spray is a
mouthwash that removes all toxins in the mouth in 5 minutes minutes.



Kleaner Spray is manufactured in France in a laboratory. We are
fully transparent about the composition of the product. We are on the
We have been in the market for over 6 years now and have proven its effectiveness. There are
However, there are conditions of use that must be respected to ensure that your journey remains
peaceful. You can find all the information in the pages
corresponding to our website.We have been validated by many artists and influencers such as Jul,
PLK, Timal, Badjer, Landy, the German, Dika, Boucif, Bassem, Fares, Mojito and
Said Bogota. So we have a great reputation in the spray market

The magic red Kleaner is waiting for you!

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